Thursday, 8 July 2010

It seems to be timecapsule project week...

Only two days ago I was writing about the One Day on Earth project, and then yesterday I trip over Google/YouTube's equivalent project, "Life in a day", the premis being almost identical - people contribute footage of their lives, the interesting, the mundane, the fleeting, the ugly, the beautiful, it doesn't matter as long as it happens on a given day, in this case,  the 24th July 2010. The trump card for this project is not the noble  "doing good / charity" angle of One Day on Earth but the rather more shallow Gen Y-appealing celebrity & fame perspective, as the submissions will be edited by Ridley Scott (and a large team of helpers me thinks) & debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

The life in a day  project  is "made possible by LG" the electronics firm, so we'll give marks to LG for buying big thinking and the power of harnessing and focussing collaboration and content production. We won't give them any marks though for having a really rubbish site with a lousy flash-y country selector that I had to alter the size of my browser for to even find the United Kingdom from the drop down list of European countries, and then it didn't click through anyway. FAIL!  LG= Life's Good. Not on your website it's not, I can only hope your products deliver the promise rather better.

Whilst I'm on the LG theme though, they also recently announced that they'd be launching a tablet device this year based on the Android operating system.

The future's touchy feely :-)

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