Thursday, 26 January 2012

Coming out in sympathy - Kleenex

Maybe it's because I have a nasty suspicion that I have yet another cold brewing, that's making me sympathetic to healthcare related marketing today but I just tripped over this nicely executed "random act of kindness" variant from Kleenex. Not the world's most original idea but the very human truth behind nice surprises will never fail.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Groupon shows a sense of humour

I've finally decided enough was enough with 4 superfluous emails a day from Groupon, so it was time to unsubscribe.

What was supposed to be a quick admin task turned into a moment of unexpected treasure with Groupon showing a sense of humour with their unsubscribe "punish Derrick" video.  Rather like a humorous, well crafted 404 error message, this turned my get Groupon out of my inbox experience into one that left a positive impression. Nice touch. Albeit having punished Derrick, I did decline the offer to change my mind.  For now at least.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The smart home @ CES: app controlled washer dryer

Last week's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) saw the usual array of new toys being unveiled. It's an interesting week for all of us with an eye to the future, as hardware releases will inevitably start to shape consumer behaviour of the future. I've been fascinated by the "Internet of Things" for a few years now, the way that technology can shape and influence software, hardware, and the homes we live in.  The internet connected fridge has been to many the easiest embodiment of this, but I'm choosing Samsung's connected washing machine / tumble dryer, remote controlled by an app as my IoT pick from this year's show.

Connectivity facilitating better control of our super busy lives, and hopefully helping us make smarter, eco friendlier choices along the way. I'm all in favour of anything that potentially reduces the ironing.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 begins...

It's back to the office for many today after a well earned Christmas break.  Mine was sadly marred by a lousy cold so all those good intentions of writing considered year-end wrap up posts and getting rid of some clutter in my gmail sadly went out the window.  We'll see if opportunity presents later in the week, as year on year the number of posts I made in 2011 was down over 50%, and the quality of them down too in terms of general thought leadership over quick and easy sharing. Both factors directly impacted by lots of change in my work environment and demands that took me (far too) frequently away from what should be my core focus as knowledge sentinel.

Let's hope for change in 2012, more space to do quality thinking and writing. At least I'm not planning on moving house or dealing with builders this year. Great projects but demanding massive amounts of time and energy.  I'm starting with the making space attitude by unsubscribing from Groupon. That's 5 less emails to deal with a day for starters. I'm sure I am not alone in ceasing to find real value in a service that started out looking promising and then swiftly showed it's soft under-belly of delivery weakness.

Let's start the year with something positive, and sit up and take learnings some of the innovation in the luxury sector, starting off with Burberry's wholehearted embrace of digital and innovation: