Monday, 16 January 2012

The smart home @ CES: app controlled washer dryer

Last week's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) saw the usual array of new toys being unveiled. It's an interesting week for all of us with an eye to the future, as hardware releases will inevitably start to shape consumer behaviour of the future. I've been fascinated by the "Internet of Things" for a few years now, the way that technology can shape and influence software, hardware, and the homes we live in.  The internet connected fridge has been to many the easiest embodiment of this, but I'm choosing Samsung's connected washing machine / tumble dryer, remote controlled by an app as my IoT pick from this year's show.

Connectivity facilitating better control of our super busy lives, and hopefully helping us make smarter, eco friendlier choices along the way. I'm all in favour of anything that potentially reduces the ironing.

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