Friday, 10 September 2010

Fun Mashups: Time Travel via YouTube videos & Spotify Poems

 The amazing thing about the web is that there is such a diverse range of things already out there, inspired by creativity across the world (or sometimes the lack of it!), which in turn just fuels more creativity as people find ways of tweaking and repurposing content that exists elsewhere into something new. Inspire people and you don't even have to create things yourself!

So my two treasure finds of yesterday were...

A YouTube based time travel machine. Pick your category and a date, and before you know it you can be watching some footage from 1888! Or the Tango & Cash movie trailer from 1989.

I also rather liked  Spotify Poetry, compose your own poem using song titles via Spotify & then screengrab & share :-)  Quite fancy having a go at that one at some point.

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