Monday, 14 February 2011

Save the trees one PDF at a time: Digital Treasure

My friend Mark just flagged up this brilliant idea from the World Wild Life Fund.

Download the software to give you the option to save your documents as a WWF rather than a PDF - essentially the same format except the former is nicely branded, giving you an eco-prod into good behaviour every time you see it, AND means the print menu is disabled so you can't waste trees and energy on printing out stuff un-necessarily.

Yes, technically you can enable this setting in Adobe already, yes, there will still always be people that want to print documents, and just occasionally there are documents that really do need reviewing on paper but in a world of e-readers, tablets, netbooks and laptops, the excuses are getting fewer and fewer.

I think this is a brilliant example of someone having a BIG idea and using technology to facilitate it.

Super smart. I hope it catches on.

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  1. Do they really cut down hardwood trees to make paper? Or does paper primarily come from sustainable forests?

    At least 50% of the world's paper (I think -- I find the stats hard to read) come from sustainable initiatives, and the amount is growing (again, I *think*.) Sustainable forests produce income and protect the environment. If that income disappears, funds to provide stewardship will dry up, and alternate land use begins to look attractive...