Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nice Affiliate model from the National Trust (& RNLI)

I do like brands that are being USEFUL on Facebook/Twitter. Using the platform to inform and benefit fans and followers, not just chasing fan numbers for the sake of relatively meaningless reach.

So thumbs up to the National Trust for flagging their affiliate deal with LOVEFILM.

I now know that by doing something I was thinking of doing anyway, in a certain way I previously hadn't even thought about could benefit a cause I care about?  But I do now. Irrespective of whether I act now, or get around to it later, it's on my radar.  That's just made being a NT fan on Facebook and allowing their posts to interrupt my increasingly brand cluttered newsfeed worthwhile. I'll save the rant on ongoing engagement and why it's important for another day.

There's lots of affiliate models around (I help your business, you help mine), but can I be bothered to log in via the British Airways or Virgin Atlantic sites everytime I want to be something relatively low value online? No. I don't care enough about the points, I have to make too many extra clicks, remember more passwords etc, and I need so many points to get anything meaningful anyway  it's just too much extra effort.  Yet to help a cause I care about like preserving our history in this case or the RNLI, who have an affiliate deal with Amazon, I will make an effort.  Especially when it's clearly signposted on their site, and in fact I've made it easier still by adding a shortcut to my browser bar.

A small gesture with an extra click means I can help make a difference over and above the membership fees I pay anyway just by adjusting my behaviour slightly. Augmented benefit to me (warm fuzzy feelings about making a small difference), augmented benefit to the cause (cash). Win.Win.

Value exchange. It's a very personal thing.  I still see too many brands that haven't really got their heads around what motivates their fans and followers and continue just to shout product benefits at them. But dig a little deeper, tailor your approach, and your brand health measures should pay dividends.

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