Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Impulse Saving: Banking genius from Westpac NZ

Maybe it's moving house that's making me count pennies particularly carefully at the minute, but in possibly the most genius example I have seen recently of harnessing the power of technology to deliver positive behavioural change in consumers, I offer you Westpac New Zealand's Impulse Saver app.  Shame the nice explanation on the site is all in Flash and takes an age to load, isn't skippable etc, but persevere or if not watch the not so groovy version below.

It is designed to help you save the $ you might fritter away on snacks, coffee and magazines and make that money work harder for you.  Harnessing the fact that more and more people have smart phones, and the fact that they are always likely to be close to hand  / wallet whilst you are in the queue at the newsagent.  Making saving EASIER and accountable is all part of a broader trend of how technology, mobile, and better consumer access to data via visualisation is coming together to make our lives smarter.  I have no doubt that Facebook's recent acquisition of the Daytum team, themselves behind the fabulous Feltron Report was no co-incidence.

Having recently had several run-ins with various banks and credit card providers whilst trying to do something as simple as change my address (net result, 3 cards / accounts closed, because it was all too hard / they insisted despite numerous rounds of ID security, and multiple "can I speak to your manager" elevations,  I had to go to a branch....) I am all in favour of simpler, smarter banking.  This is 2011 Santander, Barclays, Barclaycard, Nationwide, as particular villains. Take note!

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