Monday, 12 September 2011

Mobile Mobile Mobile

My buddy @mobilista and I have been banging the mobile gong for many years now, so it's great to see that people are finally cottoning on to the power of mobile for consumers and marketers alike. I was fortunate enough to attend a round-table dinner with some of Google's mobile team last week and some of the stats they shared are staggering.  If you aren't taking mobile seriously yet, be it for content, advertising, or PPC, get on the case quick.  I see so many clients who are only just slowly waking up to the importance of on-site SEO let  alone ensuring their web presences are mobile operating system friendly, and they shake their heads when I tell them to upweight the priority they place on mobile. 

When whopping amounts of people are more and more using their mobile O/S devices (so smartphones & tablets) to access the web, having a site that doesn't render properly or worse still is an entire replica of huge heavy web-based sites, with no acknowledgement of different data requirements, navigation behaviours and preferences in a touch based context is barking mad.

What triggered that little rant? Well reading through the 3 month backlog of emails whilst I've been bouncing from one mad project to another I found this.... 

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  1. This is a GREAT point. It's often frustrating to be attempting to look something up on your phone and the page takes forever to load or isn't navigable because it's too big or complicated for a smart phone. As people become more and more dependant on their smart phones companies will learn the hard way that skimping on on-site seo services and mobile adaptation is hugely important. Thanks