Thursday, 15 December 2011

SEO clanger from Google

I'm not normally one for pointing fingers, and I know it's rude to make fun but  but I really can't help a wry smile at this clanger from Google.

Google are so good at preaching SEO best practice and its' importance to clients near and far,  that their failure to implement it on  Google Zeitgeist 2011, their global search terms round up 2011 was just too great to resist posting it.  The site itself is well worth going to have a play with, (scroll down and then go and play with the regional / market by market detail) , but in the meantime enjoy this feast of lorem ipsum before I tweet this post and they fix it. Sorry boys..... That's a clear #FAIL.

First a grab from a post I shared on an internal sharing network Yammer:

Then having checked the source code, I opted for a spider test result (via SEOBook)  just to prove I hadn't read the code (which I'll spare you) wrong. Nope, that will be no description or keywords and a lot of lorem ipsum interspersed amongst the text. Doh!

(Click to enlarge)
I guess even the great can have a distracted moment after a shandy too many at a Christmas lunch. 

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