Thursday, 7 March 2013

Healthy reminders for marketers

Gosh, another month has gone by... I've turned into a once a month blog poster.  Depressing really.  Sure, I'm still juggling some internal stakeholder focused publisher platforms at work, and there's been a lot going on in my "real" life.. that thing that has lived on the sidelines for a while during a period of intensity at work, but still!  I'm sure I've missed out on a heap of interesting stuff.

I can at best claim to have managed to watch one TED talk in the last month. Must try harder... TED never ceases to inspire me.

My digital treasure find of the month was Comscore's really useful paper on UK / European digital trends, full of handy slides like this one... Might not be rocket science but good to have stats to back stuff up.

So, with a slightly calmer week, I've fired up Tweetdeck, and started nourishing my inner curiosity monster again. He feels so much better already!  So nothing desperately new today but a few nice examples of things that as marketers we should remember to stop and remind ourselves of once in a while.

So first up... this great Slideshare from W&K, providing a healthy reminder for those  that spend too much time at work, that we also wear a consumer hat and we should reconcile the two more often, nothing new in the thinking but a story well told deserves sharing...

One of undoubtedly many such posts kicking around the internet on the topic of marketing kpi's... and why we need to remember ultimately we should be measuring the right things that answer the objectives and not just measuring stuff cos we can... nothing new here again but a brief reminder does no harm.

A nice post from the Harvard Business Review that whilst likewise is not revolutionary does a nice job of simply starting to explain attribution and predictive modelling.  As just one potentially small part of the mix these days, Twitter are trying to demonstrate their ad formats really work with this Nielsen research piece.

And whilst there's been lots of interesting things going on with both the CeBit conference in Hanover (Spotify player on the web and in Volvo & Ford cars for example), the Mobile World Congress (still no phone capable of making & bringing me tea in bed yet though), nor SXSW in Texas this week, my discovery of the week is this post from Stephen Wolfram (of nerdy but awesome computational knowledge / solutions engine Wolfram Alpha), who predictably has taken the notion of data visualisation and personal data modelling into a whole new league.  Seriously nerdy yet quite fascinating in a world where Nike + & Fuelband, apps that monitor all sorts of things are increasingly helping us make different decisions about our life (02 health are doing some interesting things in this space)  and measure our goals.

As I type, Mark Zuckerberg is announcing the latest re-design for Facebook - new larger images (the instagram influence), a new approach to the newsfeed... and a heap of new things I'll now have to explain to my Dad. ;-)

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