Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Touchscreen phones & winter don't go

Hmm,  have had my latest touchscreen toys a few weeks now and I'm still exploring and pondering my views.  I've been amazed at how quickly you get used to touch navigation and swiping (to the extent that I've caught myself trying to swipe my desk phone to navigate the office phone directory, and jabbing my finger at my laptop screen, ooops).

However, I have 3 initial observations about touchscreen based phones:

1) I can't text or email without looking which I could when I had a keypad with 3 letters to a key

2) On my old Nokia non-smartphone mobile I could turn off predictive text (which I used to because I frequently text and abbreviate in 4 languages), on my smartphone I can't turn it off, only change language / keypad (so I get an AZERTY layout in French for example). Grrrr.

3) When it's cold and snowy I can't use my phone with my gloves on, because it doesn't register my touch. Seriously annoying. Maybe I'll have to swap to leather gloves and see if that works better.

I knew that the toys wouldn't fit in my pocket before I made the decision to swap but it really is rather annoying! Having to juggle carrying a phone, a notepad or laptop, a cup of coffee and a swipe access card to a meeting and opening heavy fire doors is a real challenge.

Dear Father Christmas,

If it's not too late, please could you bring me (sometime in 2010 will do) a smartphone with all the functionality of my HTC Hero or my iPod touch but in a form that fits in my jeans pocket, and works with gloves on.

Yours in hope


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