Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Beach-vertising: There really is no escape

Before my hols are too distant a memory, I thought I'd better post these pics.  It seems there really is no escape. The perils of working in marketing and advertising I suppose. I studiously and successfully avoided digital, tv, radio and press, barely encountered any outdoor, and only limited in-store.  So where did they get me?

At the beach!

If you can't reach people by traditional channels, I'm the first to advocate going off-piste. It's the age old principles of traditional mass reach - find where the people are and interrupt them there. In this case, when it's blistering hot outside and everyone is seeking respite via the breeze by the water, that means catching them in creative ways.

Route 1) was the moving billboard / flyer technique for a pop-up store event :
Advantages: Employing eye-candy to sport said moving billboards / deliver flyers leads to pleasant associations with message delivery.
Limitations - easy to miss if you were enjoying that essential siesta, having a swim or had your nose in a book.

 Route 2) - ye olde drag-a-banner-behind-a-plane-flying-over-the-beach technique. Arguably this is outdoor but not of the sold by JC Decaux variety.  Employed in this case by retailers such as IKEA and LIDL and an assortment of local bars, clubs and other attractions.
Advantages: reached people in places other media could not.
 Limitations: I rarely wear my contact lenses to the beach so often hard to read the message! Being honest, it might have been home improvement week at Lidl but it was escape from such responsibilities of daily life I was after.

Still, points awarded for trying, and if nothing else it served as brand awareness prompts.

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