Monday, 5 November 2012

There's NO such thing as a VIRAL

I'm well known for standing on my soap box as I continue my mission to get this complete fallacy stamped out amongst people I work with.  I refuse to take briefs for "virals". No such thing. It is not a noun.

Good pieces of content that are circulated and shared by people of their own free will  (virally) are rarely a phenomenon brought about by pure chance.  They are the result of good insight and creativity, smart execution and distribution and usually supported by a healthy dose of visibility driving measures (normally ads / paid amplifiers).

So case in point... a spoof video (from the creative agency that also brought you the legendary Catvertising video) about armies of paid clickers. It resonated because of my personal crusade on this one so I'm sharing it (voluntarily, no-one paid me to do so, even if the reason I found it was via Unruly Media's twitter feed (a content syndication company), and no doubt they were paid to share it.

Got the point?  It also reminds me of some research work from Starcom US a few years back on CTR (Click Through Rate) on digital ads and how the clicks of a few skew the results assumed to be of the many... Natural Born Clickers. (NB for transparency I frequently work for SMG out of London).

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