Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cross platform content creation & delivery

Among the many things I have done in my career, working in TV & Film for a production company was one of the particularly interesting adventures. I left, 3 years ago, full of great stories of travel far and wide, but frustrated by many things, in particularly, by the lack of people in the industry that could grasp the potential of the web and the opportunities as well as the challenges it offered.

This cartoon that I tripped over recently on one of my favourite blogs, Gaping Void, summed it up for me. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.So it was nice to see that the BBC are working on an interesting cross-platform collaborative project to celebrate 20 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web. Even the project name "Digital revolution" is a beta title. Worth spending some time watching this video interviewing Sir Tim as part of the project kick off if you have 20 minutes one lunchtime. If you only have 10 minutes skip to halfway and watch the second half!

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