Monday, 4 October 2010

Timing, Tube strikes & Pizza treats: Relevancy & Context win.

Tube strikes & rain are a bad combination. 

But top marks to Pizza Express for demonstrating their ability to be agile, timely and relevant.

I've just had an email with a link to their "not on strike" voucher for 50% off your food bill if you eat in their restaurants today having battled with the transport system (or not as the case maybe).  (Actually if you read the small print, it's valid at any restaurant inside the M25, which is pretty smart given that there's probably a lot of people working at home today who might treat themselves to lunch out on a grey damp autumnal day. Smart too that they specify that the voucher is valid if printed or shown on your phone screen too.).

Nice touch.  Nice play on the Tube & Pizza Express logo too. Nice timing, just as my thoughts were starting to turn lunch-wards. 

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