Monday, 24 January 2011

Orange: Cheering up cold dark winter days

It's going to take more than a few fun intitiatives to convince me to go back to Orange as a telecoms provider, but I like the effort they put into creating conversation content that adds value, brings a smile and in doing so naturally creates amplification of the message.  So I'm happy to chip in and do my bit and talk about this week's fun "Winter warmers" hit squad activity. Tweet the Winter Warmers Team this week  about a friend with the winter blues and they might come dashing around with these nice toasty scarves and hot chocolate to cheer them up. 

Nice thinking - time limited campaign, clear about being geographically specific (both very practical), on the money in timing terms - the long long awaited January pay day looms for most this week; thematically appropriate,  it's cold and dark as I write this, and, it intrinsically invites you to do something that by definition involves sharing your brand love with more people.

Keep your eyes on the Twitter feed here...

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