Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Socially speaking...

It's hard to go to a meeting these days without someone spouting on about social media, and frequently much to my despair, without much understanding of the difference between understanding behaviour and motivations for socially oriented behaviour as opposed to just treating it as a channel.

Get with the programme people.

Question your own behaviour and apply the principles to sense check stuff before you come out with the dull ideas with no purpose or reason to interact with them!  I read a good post earlier entitled using v being social.  Worth a read.

In many ways social media is like a new baby - no instruction manual  included (albeit I am a huge fan of the Haynes baby manual as a gift) .

That said, there are organisations out there that are beginning to get the hang of behaving appropriately in the space or at least make attempts to set some guidelines as to how to do it, which is a good starting point. I found an interesting collection for thought starters here.


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