Thursday, 27 September 2012

Food for thought...or rather fuel for action?

I love this video piece from Nike to highlight the health issues associated with today's increasingly sedentary kids.  Frightening when you stop to think about it, a generation likely to die 5 years younger than their parents generation.

An inspiring, simple, and effective piece asking kids what they'd do with 5 more years to live.  Good question.  My particular favourite was the kid that wanted to teach his sister to eat tuna :-)  What a selfless thought - unusual in little kids to have such an outward facing perspective.

All this, to help the cause - well worth a mooch around. Sure it might help Nike sell a few more trainers but, it's the contribution to the bigger cause that I like about it.

 Technology might be a contributing factor in the problem, but I'm sure with lateral thinking it can also be harnessed to help solve it too.  It just needs some left field thinking about, just like the Westpac Impulse Saver app, which remains one of my recent -ish favourite examples of technology well applied to insight.

Kids love playing games, they're competitive, they're tech savvy. Technology has already been harnessed to help us track activity (think NIKE Fuel band amongst many such things, apps, hardware or a combination), now it just needs to be accessible and affordable - not many parents will be giving their 5 year old an iPhone and trusting them to use it responsibly.

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