Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Great technology is no excuse for a bad idea

...just one of the quote's from today's Contagious Magazine Now Next Why event doing the Twitter rounds. Wise words indeed, and some that should be heeded by adlands all over the world. Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

But as a counter to the many bad, trying-too-hard examples that populate the webs' trends blogs everyday (this week there's been various debates around Nestle's GPS enabled chocolate bar prize promotion for example), sometimes you see an example that just makes you want to applaud. Ideas that combine good insight, with good harness of technology and good design to provide smart solutions: I offer you (via the ever fab Trendwatching) the phone charging handbag. Nice thinking and collaboration from Vodafone UK & designer Richard Nicoll.

Genius. Now if only they can develop a version that means if I throw my handbag on the floor as I walk through the front door and it will charge contact/wire free.... and then it will monitor the charge levels of my phone and kindle and wirelessly charge as appropriate...

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