Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sound & Motion: Moments of posterity with Picle

I love the idea behind the MadebyMany Picle iPhone app launched for SXSW earlier in the year, and which I have quite probably bored a lot of people with already, if mostly in person.

Memory is a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional thing and whilst we are all adept photo-sharers, facilitated by the magic of the technology in our pockets and the platforms available to us, until Picle, our memory capture was limited to sound via services like Soundcloud or Audioboo, full video via YouTube et al or image.  Picle adds sound to image and makes that "postcard" moment so much emotionally richer. Smart.  I don't always want to capture/upload/share an HD video, or take the trouble to view it on my mobile when the signal is patchy, Picle's provide that snapshot moment but enhance it.

Now if only someone could add smell into the mix.  That would really send the food bloggers into meltdown. But imagine the potential for the Masters of Wine, virtual wine sniffing at the very least!

For starters I'd settle for an Android version of Picle to add into the mix though. Please!?

Meanwhile enjoy this collection of moments shared via Picle. Human, humble, mostly happy :-)

Picles from around the world from Made By Many on Vimeo.

Another tab I can close having looked at it for a month, with blogging intent but no time! Result.

Just imagine what an amazing record of human life and history we'd have if this estimate of the number of photos ever taken all had a soundbite attached. Mindboggling.

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