Monday, 29 June 2009

Did you get your Facebook URL?

It's not big nor clever to boast but sometimes you can afford to be smug. In an earlier post I forecast a landgrab and stressed the importance of securing your Facebook vanity URL as soon as they were released a few weeks ago.

500k usernames went in the first 15 minutes after Facebook had enabled the vanity URL registration. 6 million were signed up for in the first 48 hours. You have to pity the smart Alec who ignored advice and forever forward will be Doh. That's what I call a CLM: career limiting moment!

However, if you did miss out, and you are not that precious about exactitudes you can get a near-ish Facebook vanity URL of sorts here.

Although you will of course have marked yourself out to the digerati as having been caught snoozing ;-)

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