Monday, 8 June 2009

One small step...

And once more I'm contributing to the blogosphere.

Yesterday 61k new blogs were created (according to Nielsen Blogpulse). That's a lot of people expressing their views on all manner of things, joining the "Generation G" revolution where giving is the new taking and sharing is the new giving. G for generosity.

Participation, a very web 2.0 behaviour.

So in the interest of sharing in a slightly more informed fashion than just making my Delicious bookmarks available for all to see, I've decided to commit fingers to keyboard and start this blog.

Working in the digital realm is an exciting place to be. The digital landscape changes so fast there's no time to get bored, and the creativity I see never ceases to amaze me. So for those that don't get to spend as much time exploring the treasures out there, may this blog be a short cut to innovative, quirky, interesting, fun, awful or just random things I've encountered on my daily meanderings around Cyburbia.

All the opinions I express are my own and don't reflect those of any of my clients or companies with which I may have worked or be working currently.

So let's start off with a link to something I spotted last week. The "literal video" movement has an interesting take on music videos, and this version of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart video made me laugh more than anything else I saw all week.

In fact having been rather over-exposed to the song having worked with Cadbury last autumn on the Gorilla ad re-mix campaign (itself originally UGC), it made me feel a whole lot better! Imagine the power of linking that amount of laughter and goodwill to a brand? Cadburys do a great job of that, but so many brands are still totally missing the point, and just publishing ads designed for TV and hoping for the best.

Yes the good ones do get watched, forwarded, embedded and talked about, but not many brands are brave enough to depart from the tried and trusted rules of TV commercials and embrace the true potential of the digital realm.


  1. I see some great things becoming of this blog! Keeping us informed, entertained, and educated!
    Post regularly please!

  2. I ecco the comments above and am excited about the pearls of wisdom you are going to share with us all!