Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The future is already here...

It's just not evenly distributed yet... said William Gibson (a Canadian science fiction writer, in 1999).

George Orwell published his visionary work 1984 in 1948. Futurology is a fun field to play in.

Yet, increasingly the stuff that dreams and films are made of are becoming reality. Remember the film Minority Report? There was lots of stuff in there that made me go WOW when I first saw the film. In 2002. I watched it again recently. 7 years later and an awful lot of those futuristic notions are now possible or accessible to the masses.

Mobile search is just one of those areas of rich opportunity, and a clever Dutch company have recently launched Layar - an augmented reality mobile browser / search tool, combining location based technology with search for super-relevant search results whereever you are. This is seriously clever stuff, but real. Already. It's just not evenly distributed yet, but it's coming to a smart phone near you, very soon.

The implications for brands and services is pretty exciting for those prepared to spend some time getting their head around something that seems pretty futuristic. Watch this:

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