Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mobile World Congress 2010

Geeky happiness, it's the MWC in Barcelona this week. Sadly I'm not going but I am/shall be avidly absorbing the news.

Yesterday's interesting news bites for me were:
1) Multi-operator Consortium announced to develop apps for non i-Phone platforms
2) Samsung announce they are bringing out their own mobile operating system called Bada.

Ooops!? I refer you back to point 1!? Like the world needs yet another mobile O/S to develop for!? Not.  Oh, and Windows Mobile got rebranded as Windows.... wait for it..... Phone!   Check out this point of view from one of my other digital nerdy mates

Today (so far at least) I will award points to Sony Ericsson for their use of search. I was just checking my Gmail when I noticed this Adwords ad at the top of my mailbox

 Which took me off to an event specific (if horribly over-using flash) MWC site.... to support their conference presence. 

All that Flash clearly wasn't going to work for any iPhone users, so they've clearly had to develop a different version of the site for that....  (that's just a whole load of extra un-necessary effort if you ask me!)

Meanwhile I shall just have to content myself with reading about the latest HTC offerings, The Google Nexus One equivalent the HTC Desire, and the next generation HTC Hero, the HTC Legend.

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