Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nice engaging ad possibilities from Spotify

Those nice chaps over at Spotify sent me a nice beta / mock-up this morning to show off what they can do with their lightbox ad format.

In essence you can scroll around the ad format (in this case highlighting an individual character), and you get a nice spotlight that hints at more interactivity to come....

And from there deliver content directly from the ad format....


Fun. And all without leaving Spotify.  

Like all the best executions I've seen recently on Spotify, this ad would be triggered by a user clicking on a standard display format, in itself promoted by applying the principles of good radio creative to the ad.

Spotify might run in the background all day, but I only tend to interact with the interface itself if I am either choosing what to listen to, or my curiosity is aroused by a good "radio" ad.

I quite liked this recent example promoting a forthcoming new series of Grey's Anatomy on Living.... 

The idea was "get him out the house" (so you could indulge yourself watching the show), but the creative execution was nice- it featured a publican encouraging boys to come down the pub and leave the ladies to it.

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