Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Last minute Valentines gift? There's a Pop up shop for that

As I came through Paddington station last night on my way home,  I noticed this brilliant opportunity seized by jeweller Ernest Jones.

Forgotten to buy your Valentine a gift before you jump on the train to Heathrow / see them?

Marks & Spencer run out of  £10 bouquets or red roses?

W H Smith only left with the really ghastly cards? Panic!

Ah ha, magic solution. Ernest Jones. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.[Hint!]

You can't lose.  Genius.  For one week only: As it says on the store-side, "Exclusively open for Valentine's."

I think we'll continue to see more of these pop-up shops this year, and if the fit is as great as this one, I'm all for it.  Are there occasions where your brand could benefit from a time or a place to drive sales & direct to consumer brand experience?

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