Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Simple but genius App from Tesco Clubcard

Loyalty cards:
We all end up carrying a few of them around, or signing up for them and then not carrying them around.  I've usually got an assortment with me (usually the cardboard variety) and inevitably because they take up too much space in my wallet,  not got the more substantial plastic ones with me when I want them, as just happened to me in Waterstones book shop at lunchtime.  Dammit. But it prompted me to write this post having discovered a very handy Tesco app last Friday.

Tesco: a ubiquitous supermarket, but they have a great loyalty progamme which I imagine most UK households probably belong to.  Way back when I first joined  their loyalty programme (which must be well over 10 years ago) they gave me a plastic Tesco Clubcard loyalty card I had to carry in my wallet.
 Then someone got smart (or went to America where drugstore chain CVS had been using the key tag format loyalty card for years) and brought the key tag format idea over here.  Good thinking, it's not often you go to Tesco without your keys.

Or is it!?  On several occasions recently I've popped into the Tesco Express near the office, having only dashed out to grab lunch, armed only with my phone, and my wallet. So several times I've missed the opportunity to earn Clubcard points, and as we all know, points mean prizes (in Tesco's case cashback vouchers). Grrr.

But once again, Tesco have covered that base, and delivered a simple but useful iPhone app.


'Cos I'm never likely to be out without either my keys or my phone, so all bases covered.  Takes up no space, and it's always on hand.

Every loyalty programme should have one.

The staff in Waterstones looked a bit baffled when I suggested it but I'm hoping they have a decent buzz monitoring programme in place and are paying attention. I'd happily give their app desktop space on my mobile.

Are you working on a brand, where such a simple app could be really useful to your consumers?

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