Friday, 28 May 2010

Bank Holiday Cream Teas

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK. Wooohooooo.  Even one that might be passably nice and not a total wash out. Result.  So as floods of people head for the M5, some for Devon, some for Cornwall, it seemed only fitting to ask two key questions about that key kick back and enjoy holiday pass time: The cream tea.

1) Do you sit in the "scohn" (rhymes with John) or "scooone" (rhymes with Joan) camp?

2) Are you jam first then cream (the Cornish way) or cream first then jam (Devon-stylee)

Big smiles to small but perfectly formed Cornish casual clothes player Saltrock for kicking off a scone wars debate on their website and on Facebook for coming up with a great way to stimulate conversation that is relevant to their origins, can keep spinning over time and which only as a by-product happens to sell you stuff.  (And by the way they have a big conscience too, using organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials and production techniques so you can feel good about wearing their stuff on many levels!).

Roll up, roll up, place your clicks here....

Vote for the Cornish cream tea here or

Vote for the Devon cream tea here

Big shout to Jonathan H for flagging this up to me. Thank you!

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