Thursday, 6 May 2010

Creative Clangers & Election Day creative fun

I spotted this clanger last week - a print ad that ran without anyone noticing that the Terms & Conditions placeholder text hadn't been updated with the final copy and was left as Lorem Ipsum. Oooops. (Click on the image to enlarge).

That said, nowhere near as bad as this Daily Express example my friend Trevor flagged up. Eeek.

Today is UK general election day, & The Sun (UK tabloid newspaper) ran a very Obama campaign-esque image on it's front page
It has prompted a heap of parodies.... check this out.

Then take a step back and remind yourself that people will participate and play with creative if the idea is powerful or engaging enough.

My quote of the day (so far) came from a Comscore (digital industry measurement company) newsletter:

"What are you telling the consumer? How are you saying it? comScore ARS, the newest member of the comScore family, finds that the creative execution is four times as important as media vehicle selection in driving the success of an advertising campaign. You can’t save bad advertising with good media."  :-)

UPDATE: Here's a link to Comscore's piece that backs up that creative point with propensity to purchase

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