Thursday, 13 May 2010

Looking for a new job? Try this....

 Someone just sent me this which has tickled me greatly.

Love it!  (Although personally I would suggest that if you are not maintaining a profile on LinkedIn you should too, just as good practice, irrespective of whether you are jobhunting or not).

Apply the same principles to people looking for info on the category / product area your brand operates.  Are you prepared to pay to insert your brand message in those broader-than-your-brand-name searches, so that you put yourself in the running for the click? I'd be seriously thinking about it.  Otherwise you are missing a heck of a lot of opportunities potentially.

Perhaps I'd better go and set up that Adwords account so no-one mistakes me with my alter-ego landscape gardener in Wales :-) Or the one in Brisbane, or the one in Kent, or the 23 year old that I found on Facebook.  It raises interesting questions about your personal social web brand management strategy.
I have some deliberate views on that topic, but I'll save them for another day.

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