Sunday, 23 May 2010

It's a risky business sharing pictures of Elephants in the Emirates ;-)

Yesterday I was out and about enjoying the hottest day of the year so far, with a toasty ooh, 24 degrees maybe. A stroll down the Embankment to the Globe (where I saw a fantastic production of Shakespeare's Henry VIII) meant I added a few more Elephants to my London Elephant Parade collection that's building on Flickr.

Sadly I can't hyperlink you to that collection, because today I'm in Dubai, it's 40 degrees outside and so I'm inside staying out of the sun for a bit and thought I'd crack on with some digital stuff, including sharing my pics. I knew that Flickr was banned here but thought I'd try anyway.  Trying to access Flickr gives you this warning:

 I like the colour and humour (the character is locally well known) but bomb site?! As an analogy, it's a bit harsh!  I've seen many weird and wonderful things on Flickr, but nothing that to my open Western mind would be considered offensive.  Then again I'm usually looking for pictures of random things to make presentations more interesting.

So here's one of my elephant snaps from yesterday the rest of which will have to wait 'til I'm back, or I'll stick them on Facebook, as that's no problem to access.  Crazy double standards.

It's a healthy reminder about the world wide web not always being quite as worldwide as those of us that live in free-er worlds take for granted.

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