Monday, 12 October 2009

Worldwide Web. Or is it?

I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. 

I sent a friend of mine who works in Dubai links to a couple of YouTube videos that I thought she'd appreciate. One of them was Shakira's music video to her She-Wolf track.  Wrong, on so many levels, but still worth viewing.  The other was a fantastic parody of said video instead called He-Wolf. Still wrong, but truly incredible in terms of the attention to detail in taking off the initial piece, plus the amusing twist.  I'll spoil it for you if I say more, but you need to watch Shakira's version before you can truly appreciate the genius of the parody.

My friend was able to watch the first video but viewing of the second was blocked, which I thought was interesting from a cultural perspective and a good reminder to those of us in the west about cultural sensitivities elsewhere in the world. Dubai is a fascinating market and there's some amazing things going on in mobile there.  Why mobile? As a tool, it's highly personal (and discreet), and enables women (in particular) amazing freedoms that in other channels are constrained.

Here's the screen grab she sent me.  I liked the humour in the design.

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