Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What's Next (2009): The future of marketing

I've been doing a lot of thinking today about brands, and the role of advertising TO people versus engaging WITH them now and for the longer term. You can keep lighting sparklers and dipping your toes into the engagement space or you could go crazy, try something different, light a dirty big rocket and really make a difference in your longer term approach. Yes it might cost more than the sparklers. Yes the chain-lit sparklers maintain ongoing light levels and it might take a while longer for that rocket to reach altitude and explode. But...

It's easy to stick to what you think you know. ROI is usually measured over a short period of time. But what will be the difference over time between the brands that light more rockets now and make bold moves and the ones that just evolve from one sparkler to the next? Time will tell. I have my own theories.

Via the very smart Helge over at"Alt nytt er farlig" (translation: Everything new is dangerous). I found this great deck. Well worth spending 10 minutes perusing.

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