Monday, 12 October 2009

Be useful, bask in the halo of positive sentiment

I just read about a FAB example of a brand using Twitter & social media to provide a really useful service,  not being overly heavy handed with the branding upfront  but  therefore being able to bask in the glow of "thank you useful brand for providing the service" .  So whilst you could mosey on over and follow that link I thought it merited a post from me too.  Good ideas deserve mentions :-)

So smiley faces and gold stars awarded to Lufthansa this morning for providing a very cool flight status automated Tweet service called MySkyStatus, which irrespective of the airline you are travelling with (apparently) will send out a Tweet on your behalf updating those following you of your progress in your journey.
(image via Mashable)

Clicking on the link takes you straight through to Lufthansa MySkyStatus page with a Google Map of the flight’s position. No more waiting around un-necessarily at Heathrow.

Flight trackers aren't new but personal ones are a great idea. Why wouldn't you? This one is super easy to set up and is useful.  Stop your Mum worrying about whether you got there safely.

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