Friday, 2 October 2009

Meerkat magic continues

I'm risking repetition I know, but I really can't help but celebrate the genius that is the Aleksandr Orlov / Compare the Meerkate/market campaign. I am continuously cheered by my relationship with Aleksandr, and did indeed compare the market recently when renewing my car insurance, almost certainly as a result of the campaign as I didn't even bother to consider any other market aggregators.

Via his tweets, and Facebook status updates he's been teasing new content/tv ad to come for a week or so now, culminating in him sending  out these links 30 minutes ago:


The link take you to this this entertaining interview with media partner Metro (free newspaper) and does a great job at illustrating the involvement consumers have with the campaign, as the questions are taking from real tweet questions people have asked Aleksandr (and to which he frequently responds).

Interestingly, at almost the same time I got an email with this link to the new TV ad before it breaks on air. Smart, smart, smart: using a combination of channels for language and context appropriate content..

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