Thursday, 1 October 2009

iSnack 2.0: Who thought that was a good product name idea then??

I'm firmly in the hate camp on Marmite, and I can't say Vegemite (declared superior by the Anitpodeans) appeals either but that's not going to stop me adding to the ridicule aimed at Kraft Foods for naming their new Vegemite and cream cheese spread concoction iSnack 2.0.

Err, what?

Apparently it was suggested by a consumer, fair enough, but I can't believe that it was the only suggestion.  There's lots of great creative and brilliant digital work being done in Australia so I know that the Aussies are a creative bunch.  I am just struggling to believe that the Kraft marketing team were daft enough to think naming anything you put on toast " 2.0" was a good idea.  Toast is a large feature of my OFFLINE world. It's thankfully not connected to anything other than marmalade, peanut butter, jam or honey in my world.

However after lots of consumer protest Kraft have already climbed down and said they'll have another go at naming it and the 500k jars already on sale are no doubt going to be collectors items sold on eBay before too long.

There's plenty of ridicule and mash ups going around the web on the subject this week, so here's a few to share.

That good old Hitler scene re-mix strikes again....

I think Vitamin Water's recent Facebook campaign to get consumers to suggest new flavours, and buzz monitoring to assess popularity was a rather better strategy at applying digital to product marketing.

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