Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sign of the times: UK Digital adspend greater than TV for the first time

The IAB reported that digital spend now takes 23.5% of the media spend pie, a share that makes it a bigger player than TV for the first time.

Within that, paid for search (AKA pay per click (PPC)) takes 59.8% of spend. Good news for Google, and little wonder why Yahoo announced last week that they were embarking on a $100m global ad campaign, particularly given the Yahoo-Bing tie-up in the offing.

There might also finally be a glimmer of hope for getting digital planning and trading metrics moving forward again as UKOM  (UK online measurement)  have appointed Nielsen  to set up, manage and  run an Audience Planning System (APS) which will allow advertisers and agencies to plan online campaigns that target specific audiences, using an industry-approved system just as they do with TV (BARB), radio (RAJAR) and print media (NRS).


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