Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Digital miscellany of the day: Delight or disaster, it's up to you

I was just reading that Pirate's back as a Facebook language. 

Pirate English on Facebook had me, and heaps of my friends in stitches earlier this summer and then sadly it seemed to disappear. I remember evangelising at work at how such a small thing could create so much fun, and happiness and how fab it would be for a brand to have come up with something like that. What an amazing positive halo it would have thrown over the brand.

So I mosey'd over to Facebook to find that Pirate is sadly not back in the UK (yet at least), but English Upside Down is.

It's quite amusing - your posts and your friend's names remain the right way up but almost everything else is upside down.

Go play. It won't engage you for as long as Pirate but we'll give them marks for amusement value.  I hope we get Pirate rolled out to UK IP addresses again soon.

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