Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mashing is flattering

It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In the digital space someone wanting to play with your concept is generally considered to be a good sign of engagement and resonance with an idea.  The tweaked version is often referred to as a mash-up.

I've mentioned several times how great I think the Spotify / Fiat 500C partnership was, but today it's hats off to Peugeot.  They clearly recognise smart thinking when they see it.  Whether Fiat will feel flattered or not by a concept that so clearly ressembles their own I know not....

...but as with all good mash-ups it's a variant on the original: The Peugeot Drivesexy Spotify playlist adds a chart / voting element that goes beyond the Fiat 500C (original) campaigns notion of song nomination.

There are 20 tunes in the "Drivesexy Tunes Most Popular Today" playlist which is a little different from the 2.5k in the Fiat 500C Playlist but there's every reason to believe that it is a daily play list (I'll be checking tomorrow) unless the inclusion of "She's like the wind" from the Dirty Dancing sound track is entirely co-incidental and unrelated to Patrick Swayze's death yesterday.(Update: It does refresh, new tracks today 17th Sept, including the one I submitted)

In my humble opinion though they might be missing a trick: Fiat did a great job of combining involvement with the opportunity to build a relationship. Peugeot let you submit a track without any sign up (I had to try of course), only requiring you to submit details if you were bothered about winning an iPod (which I wasn't, I've got 2 already). Arguably no sign-up = less barrier to entry, but also less ongoing value to the brand as it's a wasted opportunity to build a relationship, in a world where relationships with consumers are becoming more and more desirable and valuable than ever before.  Fiat flagged their presence on Twitter and have been using it to talk to me on an ongoing basis.  Bravo! No Fiat pun intended. Honest.;-)

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