Friday, 4 September 2009

Music mash up

I've stumbled across a miscellany of interesting or quirky pieces of content this week. All of which I've been pointed to via personal recommendation (i.e influenced by people I trust). In one case someone I know, in another by someone I follow on Twitter because they have an interesting point of view). See, it does work!

I'm not quite sure what to say about this first piece of content. It's a collaborative music and spoken word project enabling you to compose you own music 2.0 piece via interacting with a selection of music / word related videos pulled from YouTube.

Go play

Then, mad as a box of frogs, is this site which if nothing else will hopefully serve to convince you that you should never let your creative ideas be limited by notions that the technology isn't there to deliver it!

Last weekend I ended up with a song lyric challenge that was driving me nuts, but happily was resolved speedily with a bit of help from Lyricrat. Bookmark it.

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