Thursday, 10 September 2009

Still delighted by Caffe Nero

Last week I wrote about a Caffe Nero promotion that made me happy.

They're giving away a free coffee per week (for 4 weeks) at the Caffe Nero branch at my mainline train station to the holders of the mini-voucher-booklet they were giving out.

So having enjoyed my free coffee last week, I went back today wielding my voucher to be greeted by a smiling barrista who even tried to convince me that perhaps I'd like a larger size of coffee than the small one I ordered.

I enquired as to how redemption levels were this week (week 2) and he said they were good, and about level with last week. Good for them. That's a lot of happy people who might go back again after the end of the 4 week promotional period for the price of 4 free cups of coffee at cost. Rather a lot cheaper than a print ad, and very precisely targeted. Rather a lot of consumers who might tell their friends about Caffe Nero too.

Good stuff.

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