Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Engagement is child's play

I'm reading a very interesting book called Grown Up Digital at the minute. It talks a lot about the evolution of information and learning preferences, but particularly the huge differences between those of us that are digital immigrants and have adapted to the new digital world v the huge numbers of individuals who've never known anything different.  They speak different languages. They think differently. This has huge implications for organisations where there is frequently a huge void between the senior management and their new and upcoming talent; it has huge implications for marketers in how they engage with a broad spectrum of consumers; and most importantly of all it has huge implications for how we approach teaching in the future.

So with that in mind, here's a far better explanation of the elements and the periodic table than I ever got in chemistry at school. Credible band (They might be giants) + music + animation / moving images. So much easier to remember when material is presented in this fashion than having to learn by heart that Lithium was LI and had a valence of 1.  Can't belive I can still remember that, I didn't even have to resort to WolframAlpha, my favourite scientific knowledge engine.

Finding that video, then reminded me of another one that always makes me laugh, but probably more because of the amusement over the learning value of James Blunt crooning "a triangle, a triangle" to the tune of "You're beautiful".  Enjoy.

But now you are amused, relaxed and refreshed, step back and think. Are you still applying analogue marketing thinking to a digital world?

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