Thursday, 24 September 2009

From delights to disasters...

Microsoft now want you to host a party and get your friends around to discuss your new computer operating system? What?  Windows 7, it does this and this and oh, would you mind passing the carrot sticks?  Yeah right.

What a great example of how bad things can be when you try too hard

I think this approach to making Windows 7 seem like child's play was far better, and showed a human side and sense of humour, as well as following nicely on in the series of pieces showing children demonstrating how easy computing is!

Was this a classic example of one marketing team not talking to another?  Fail.


  1. I was reading Mashable last night, and they'd pointed out this parody of it already...

    Then on Wired, Daniel is asking whether they've purposefully created a video so cringeworthy so that it would be parodied...

    It's certainly possible I guess...

  2. I have my suspicions too, that it may well have been made so ghastly in the hope of mash-ups. I hope the whole thing dies as it deserves to. Honestly!