Friday, 23 October 2009

How to make (mobile) operating systems sound exciting..

Let's face it, the majority of people don't care what operating system their PC or mobile works on, as long as it works. Most don't know what the difference between a browser and a search engine is.

It's a so what thing. So trying to make people even think, let alone care about it is never going to be easy.

Microsoft finally released Vista replacement Windows 7 this week but whilst there's been some noise in the tech press about it, and I've seen point of sale materials in some stores I suspect to the masses it's gone largely unnoticed.  That might be an oversight though because apparently it's actually quite good!

I'll therefore award points to US network Verizon for this teaser piece about the Google Mobile operating system (known as Android) and a new Motorola phone that runs on it.

It's humorous, it pokes fun at the iPhone which is definitely the better known and deemed sexier mobile-lovers gadget of choice. It engages and stimulates curiousity, leading you to a site which invites onward engagement with a sign up opportunity.

Good stuff.

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