Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gmail makes me smile

Last night I noticed a Gmail Labs alert, notifying me of a new feature, humorously called "got the wrong Bob"?  Basically it's designed to check that you are sending the message to the right person given that many of us share a first or surname with someone else amongst the contacts list.

Not as good as Google Goggles, designed to make you do maths before you send emails when inebriated (and hopefully therefore make you think twice), but personally I'll probably find Wrong Bob more useful.  Last week a friend of mine nearly sent a colleague a silly email that should have been destined for me on the basis that my name starts with F and his surname starts with F and she obviously writes to us both regularly.  Luckily she spotted it before hitting send but surely that suggests a Lotus Notes / Outlook plug in opportunity??

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