Friday, 21 August 2009

Augmented & Alternate Reality

AR: It's a topic that freaks a lot of digital immigrants out but I am seeing more and more interesting applications of AR, and in particularly interesting ones in the field of mobile.

Here's the first AR Tubemap application for the iPhone 3 GS I've come across (there are heaps of other useful Tube / Transport related mobile apps). I think it makes a lot of sense as there are tons of people who walk miles underground when actually they could change lines at street level and walk half the distance if only they knew.

But the useful stuff apart, the notion that more and more of us will have an avatar based alter-ego / virtual world presence is what people really struggle to get their heads around. Not convinced? Read this post from Digital Stats. This video makes some interesting points (listen carefully to the lyrics) in a slick way. Well worth investing 3 minutes in. Clearly the opportunities are far wider than this suggests but I liked the way it told the story.

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