Thursday, 13 August 2009

Facebook vanity URLs top 50million

Yup! As I have mentioned before, getting your Facebook URL is important. Personal brand management is essential: we all live more and more of our lives online, moving forward with the next new thing so quickly that we often forget about the traces we've left behind, and what not might bother us now might well come back and haunt us in the future. A little care with what we are posting, tagging, being tagged in; the occasional spring-clean de-friending exercise and an intermittent double check of your security and privacy settings is no bad thing.

So if you haven't got your Facebook url go and get it quick! Login and then go to Just remember that whatever you choose will stick so no silly puns, nicknames or typos that you might regret in years to come.

In the 2 months since the vanity URLs have been available 50m of them have been snapped up. That's pretty impressive when you think that Facebook now has 250m+ subscribers globally, up 50m since April. Even more amazing when you think that it took radio 38 years to reach a global penetration of 50 million, TV 13 years, the web 4 years, the iPod 3 years, and Facebook itself at the outset 2 years.

We'll never be able to outrun the developments in digital, so we've just got to learn to keep up as best as we can, frustrating as it is, when a series of slides I wrote just yesterday as guidance to using certain measurement tools are already out of date this morning 'cos the site I was writing them about changed overnight! Such is the digital life. Sigh and re-write! It's about understanding beta culture and embracing change and flux as a normal state.

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