Thursday, 6 August 2009

A picture tells a thousand words

There's a ton of different free tools available to us to monitor how our brands are being talked about/represented on the web, and figuring out which ones work best against specific tasks requires some trial and effort and often some lateral thinking.

Yesterday I tripped over yet another one, but it has a slightly different, more visual take: It's called Spezify and it gives you a nice very visual / image based overview of how your brand is appearing on the web, drawing from Flickr, Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Amazon & eBay.

Who needs moodboards anymore when a big screengrab from this site printed out in colour can make the point in a much more dynamic and arresting fashion? It's warm in London today and warm weather and Pimms go together like hand and glove for me, so I decided to use that for my example...

If nothing else hopefully it will re-inforce the point that consumers talk about brands in all manner of every day contexts, and in normal language that isn't about USP's. It might also serve as a reminder that properly tagging image and video content should not be an after-thought if a brand wants to make sure its' official face is properly represented.

Food for thought.

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