Friday, 7 August 2009

Creating content doesn't have to cost a fortune: Human dominoes

I must have sat in goodness knows how many meetings with PR agencies over the years where they've wheeled out ye olde,"bugger we've had no time to think about something really relevant or creative to answer your brief, how about we do a World Record attempt for xxxx" approach. Let's face it, it's August, which means silly season for the media so anything goes. At no 18 in the Video Viral chart I get sent once a week, was this world record "attempt" from Benson's Beds (a UK bed and mattress company).

Fair play to them, they've understood that video content doesn't have to cost millions to create, and ideas and creativity rule.

They've grasped that slapping your branding all over something from the outset isn't necessary nor necessarily a positive - people will watch content that's silly, fun or engaging, and if you capture imagination quickly at the beginning there's a reasonable chance they'll watch long enough to get to the "brought to you by" explanation.

It looks this was uploaded on the 26th July and has already had 415k views which isn't too shabby.

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