Friday, 13 November 2009

Aleksandr Orlov interviews the Hoff and adds podcasts to his repertoire

As ever, my mate Aleksandr Orlov from Compare the Meerkat has been smart about teasing us all week via Twitter and Facebook with hints about forthcoming new content.

Well it's just been released, seemingly on Twitter first.

Beyond contributing to his celebrity status and the connection his ever growing fanbase (610k fans on Facebook, 30k on Twitter) have with the campaign, by branching into audio he'll also contribute and bolster site SEO. Super smart.

I urge you to listen.

Cunningly it also crams in a plug for the new limited edition Aleksandr cuddly toys on sale in Harrods. Subtle and very smart.

This podcast has utterly the content highlight of my week.  I wish I could meet and personally congratulate the scriptwriters. They must be having so much fun. I have been chortling to myself for the last 12 minutes.

12 minutes I CHOSE to spend with a piece of branded content.  Imagine the cost of that in passive TV advertising terms?  And it was so funny I'm going to go right back and listen to it again.

This campaign just goes from strength to strength and I am enjoying every interaction I have with it.


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